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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, which I discovered recently : ) 

I have a question regarding rent: Can landlords come in anytime they want, for example to have prospective tenants/buyers visit? Do you have to include a clause in the contract that specifies he/she should not bring people to your apartment while you are leasing it? Thanks! 

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if your lease soon to be over, they have right to bring people in and out to look for new tenant but if you just started moving in they shouldn't bring in any new tenant unless they want to sell the apartment and once again it should be explain in contract

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If you're working with an agent they can clarify the details for you with the landlord.  In general the landlords I've had have all been pretty good and only ever came around if I was soon leaving, if selling the apartment, or if I called them for specific things around the apartment.  Unless you work with an expat focused real estate agent the whole contract will be in Chinese, so best to have the agent help you deal with the details.

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