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Chinese Idioms is not always difficult; some can be learned through jokes. Here're six Chinese idioms on Autumn that can make you smile.

1.  多事之秋duō shì zhī qiū
baidu hits:7,020,000  google hits: 2,180,000
literal meaning: Autumn is an eventful period
real meaning: a period when many incidents happens
eventful period, troubleful times
金融危机爆发后,全球的金融业陷入多事之秋jīn róng wēi jī bào fā hòu quán qiú de jīn róng yè xiàn rù duō shì zhī qiū
After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the global financial industry fell into an eventful period.
— 什么季节最忙?What's the busiest season?
— 秋天。多事之秋。Autumn. It's because Autumn is an eventful period.


2.  平分秋色píng fēn qiū sè

3.  一叶知秋yī yè zhī qiū
baidu hits:27,500  google hits: 1,410,000
literal meaning: One fallen leaf indicates the coming fall
real meaning: A small sign can indicate a great trend
It is a straw in the wind
他虽然只得到对手的一点信息,却能一叶知秋,迅速做出判断。suī rán zhǐ dé dào duì shǒu de yī diǎn xìn xī què néng yī yè zhī qiū xùn sù zuò chū pàn duàn
Even he just got a few pieces of information on the competitor, he quickly made an decision upon these small pieces.
— 什么季节最简单?What's the simplest season?
— 秋天。一叶知秋。Autumn. It's because Autumn can be indicated by only one fallen leaf.

4.  一日三秋yī rì sān qiū

5.  秋后算账qiū hòu suàn zhàng

6.  秋高气爽qiū gāo qì shuǎng
baidu hits:32,300  google hits: 3,080,000
literal meaning: The Autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp
real meaning: The autumn air was fresh
[Translation] wonderful Autumn day
[Example] 她在一个秋高秋爽的日子里回来了。zài yī gè qiū gāo qì shuǎng de rì zi huí lái le
She came back in a wonerful Autumn day.
— 什么季节最爽?What's the most wonderful season?
— 秋天。秋高气爽。Autumn. It's because the Autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp.

What other humours Chinese idioms do you know? Share with us!

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