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What are the differences between 受到, 收到, 得到, 获得 and 取得?

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I've encountered these recently but I don't quite understand what the difference between these are and when you would use one over the other. 

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受到 be the receiving end of some action e.g. 受到不公平對待

收到 receive something others sent e.g. 收到一封信、收到訊息


得到、獲得 and 取得 are similar as they can all be translated as "obtain", however 取 also means "take" so 取得 has the nuance that there is some active action by the subject. e.g. someone studied hard and 取得博士學位 (got a doctoral degree)

We can also say 獲得博士學位 (received a doctoral degree) but that sounds more like the University bestowed the degree upon the subject.


And for some things like 讚賞 / 彩金 (lottery prize), 得到 / 獲得 is used most of the time as it is given by others / by chance and cannot be worked on (directly) by the subject.


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