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payawal john

f4 meteor garden lyrics

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payawal john

i searched the internet but could only find pin yin translations of the f4 songs meteor garden. where can i find hanzi lyrics?

i found one song, ni yao de ai (the love you want) with pin yin and hanzi lyrics and am currently studying it.

payawal john

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曲︰湯小康 詞︰張國祥 唱︰庾澄慶



在我腦海裏 你的身影 揮散不去



你的天真 我想珍惜

看到你受委屈 我會傷心









什麼原因 我竟然又會遇見你




Pinyin lyrics ->

Nan Yi Wang Ji Chu Ci Jian Ni

Yi Shuang Mi Ren De Yan Jing

Zai Wo Nao Hai Li Ni De Shen Ying Hui San Bu Qu

Wo Ni De Shuang Shou Gan Jue Ni De Wen Rou

Zhen De You Dian Tou Bu Guo Qi

Ni De Tian Zhen Wo Xiang Zhen Xi

Kan Dao Ni Shou Wei Qu Wo Hui Shang Xin

Zhi Pa Wo Zi Ji Hui Ai Shang Ni

Bu Gan Rang Zi Ji Kao De Tai Jing

Pa Wo Mei Shen Me Neng Gou Gei Ni

Ai Ni Ye Xu Yao Hen Da De Yong Qi

Zhi Pa Wo Zi Ji Hui Ai Shang Ni

Ye Xu You Tian Hui Qing Bu Zi Jin

Xiang Nian Zhi Rang Zi Ji Ku Le Zi Ji

Ai Shang Ni Shi Wo Qing Fei De Yi

Shen Me Yuan Yin Wo Jing Ran You Hui Yu Jian Ni

Wo Zhen De Zhen De Bu Yuan Yi

Jiu Zhe Yang Xian Ru Ai De Xian Jing

Ai Shang Ni Shi Wo Qing Fei De Yi

Listen ->

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Bump. Because 情非得已 at post #2 is such a good song. I've just finished watching Meteor Garden and I think it is very enjoyable. And the theme song is simply great.



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