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Thinking on Hanzi Tattoo

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Hi all,


I've been thinking (and thinking and thinking again) on getting a Chinese tattoo.


I already have a tattoo on my right side which says "Ancora Imparo" (I am still learning in Italian).  I took a long time to choose and finally decide on getting that one, because I wanted something with a specific meaning for me and I am very happy with the result.


Now I am looking to match this tattoo with a Chinese tattoo on my  left side.  I have been studying Chinese myself for some time and like the idea of this juxtaposition of a tattoo representing western culture/philosophy on one side of my body and an asian inspired tattoo on the other. 


So now I have been thinking quite a long time to decide what to get and finally I want something that has following underlying meaning:  "everything is relative and our existence is quite insignificant and temporary in the grand scheme of things".  Preferably I would like to say this in a bit of a poetic form in Chinese.



This is what I came up with: 天空无垠    海洋无底    天地无常

Obviously before committing on inking this permanently on myself I want to confirm:


1. Does this adequately represent the meaning I am going for in your opinion?

2. Are there better alternatives?  Existing Chinese expressions conveying the same idea maybe?


Any other feedback is also appreciated.  





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