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TEFL Agency - Visa Query

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In my teaching contract (not yet signed) it stipulates that 'Party A' will be responsible for the keeping of my ''Foreigners Work Permit'' ID card? I asked the question why to which I was told, ''You can have it. Because the work permit is an e-permit. We apply the work permit at the foreign expert bureau and will get a digital version. When we have it, we will send it to you via e-mail.''


I just wondered if anyone else out there who has already been through the whole visa process was aware of 'e-permits'? Does this sound like standard procedure to you?

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There is no e-permit.


The only semi-digital document is your Notification (invitation) Letter which is used to apply for your visa. (Sample Here)


The company submits your information online to SAFEA, once it's passed inspection the company downloads the Notification Letter as a PDF and sends it to you.


You take the Notification Letter to the embassy and apply for your Z-Visa.


Once you enter China with your Z-Visa you apply for/get your Foreigner's Work Permit, an ID card. (Sample Here)


You use your Foreigner's Work Permit to apply for your Residence Permit (Your new long term visa).

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You can view your information online, by scanning the QR code on the card, but I wouldn't call the information on a webpage an e-permit.


Maybe they mean they'll keep the physical card and give you the URL from the QR code?


If it were me, I'd want the physical card.

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Employers sometimes like to keep hold of documentation. There can be dubious reasons for this (it'll make it harder for him to run away / complain) and less-dubious but still not very good ones (That last teacher lost his and I had to do loads of extra work).

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