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Huayang Academy Kunming

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Hi all, 


Just wanted to create a thread here that I could use to answer questions about our school, and inform people as to what we are about. 


Huayang Academy is a Chinese language school based in Kunming at the intersection of Xuefu road and Jianshe Road. 


We offer a full range of courses including

Semester class 10 lessons per week for 18 weeks 

1 on 1 classes

cultural classes


Our semester class is our most popular and we provide full student visa support, 

Class sizes range from 4-8 students. 

We also have cultural classes on ( Calligraphy tomorrow ) 


If you want to arrange to come over for a cup of coffee, or have any questions please let me know. 


I understand people can spam these forums with advertisements so if my post is not allowed please let me know. 


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Tell us more - what textbooks are you using and why, do you offer any accommodation support, how long have you been open, etc, etc. 

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Thanks for the reply Roddy, happy to fill you in 


We currently use New Practical Chinese Reader for levels 1-3 and Experiencing Chinese after that. 

We along with many other schools find NPCR to be a great starting point for students

The listening excersizes are clear and well thought out, 

The Chinese cultural aspect helps students to learn about Chinas culture while learning

And many students coming from other schools or self learning are familiar with the style and layout. 


We also use Boya Chinese in certain cases. If a student is having major difficulty or not working hard enough to progress

We won't have them study the same book again but we will move from NPCR to Boya. 


A popular way for many students who want to learn is 2  group classes per day, 1/2 1 on 1 classes and a language partner they meet up with or chat with on WeChat. 



Our teachers are all qualified as Chinese teachers which involves them being certified in Putonghua 

One question we are often asked is about Kunming Dialect and fear about that, 


Our teachers all have great Putonghua but also being close to many Universities our students find it easy to find language partners from all over China. 


We offer accommodation support and are currently developing new programs which will include tuition, accommodation etc.

We have been open since 2010.

Our international coordinator Lori can help students rent locally or we can find a suitable place before they arrive

Lori can also help students with Visa applications, bank account registration, Sim Card purchase etc. 

We also offer X1 student Visas to students staying for long periods


Along with our Kunming campus we have two others in Yunnan, one in Dali and one in Lijiang


We currently have a good mix of students with many who have been here for 3 or more semesters 


Our students include people with many hobbies especially rock climbing as we are close to Now Climbing, and they also go outside to cliff faces to climb 

When students miss home they can get Western food closeby at the likes of Ba:Flai ( 2 min walk ) or Slice of Heaven ( 10 min walk )


For more info on our campuses:


Kunming Campus

Dali Campus

Lijiang Campus


What our students think:

Student Testimonials


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions 

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Just wanted to add that people can join group classes at any time during a semester, 

10 classes per week - 350rmb 


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