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Question for anti-depressants/allergy meds in China Availability


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I've been searching all over the internet trying to find answers but nothing has solved my questions:


I'm planning to go to teach english there next year and have to take Zoloft (sertraline hcl) and trazodone, along with levoceterizine (allergy medicine) and proventil (inhaler) I wanted to know if these medicines are available like at a pharmacy or hospital in either Dalian or Chongqing. I'm not sure which location I'm going to yet, but I would like to know if these medicines are available there or if I should get a year supply while I'm in the states. Any help would be great! 

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If it's not a problem for you to get a year's supply, I'd do that. That way, you're sure you have your medication available. Even if it's available in your city, it will be a bigger or smaller hassle to actually get it. Best have the hassle at home, where you speak the language and know the system.

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Check to see if there is a English speaking clinic, there is usually at least one in each large city. In fact, my insurance company provides a list of clinics in each city, and I know for sure that Chongqing and Dalian have such clinics. They will be able to provide medication, although perhaps not the same brand. Pharmacies are much stricter about over the counter purchases these days. I remember being about to but antibiotics over the counter but in the last few years they have tightened up on this. Many hospitals will have these medicines even if they dont have a western clinic. You would have to see if your insurance supports access to these clinics also.

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