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Sichuan fire: Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐


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On 10/11/2017 at 10:00 PM, 889 said:

Perhaps ABCDEFG can whip up some Tofu Tikka Masala for us, and we'll see.


Well, @889 -- I never mind stretching my limits, but will have to decline this time. I know nothing about cooking Indian food, though I usually enjoy eating it.



Was having paneer yesterday and it was reminding me of a very firm tofu. I reckon you could substitute them in certain dishes.


@roddy -- I love saag paneer, and eat it every chance I get. Paneer is close in taste and texture to 乳饼 ru bing over here. It's a firm mountain cheese  popular in Yunnan. Usually made from goat milk. Very tasty stuff!


Ru bing shines in this application: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/46802-broccoli-and-yunnan-goat-cheese-西兰花炒乳饼/


As to firm tofu (which is not used for mapo doufu, by the way) take another look at these photos of the tofu vendor where I bought this week's supply. Lots of pressed, cured, even seasoned and smoked tofu for sale. Many flavors, shapes and sizes. Tofu isn't always just plain white, soft and bland.



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I was at my local Japanese market yesterday and came across boxed "mabo tofu" sauce. I bought one out of curiosity.


Has anyone had success making something with this stuff that isn't disappointing?



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It gets good reviews on Amazon. Hope it measures up. 


I've been craving real Chinese food. Since arriving here in Texas as a Covid refugee a year ago, I've had a "temporary" mind set that has kept me from settling down. Kept whispering to myself, "Any day now you will surely be able to go back."


Didn't want to invest in a cupboard full of Chinese spices and sauces. Now that it is increasingly clear I may never return to China in this lifetime, I'm tempted to go ahead and buy what I need to reproduce at least some of the dishes I grew to love while in Kunming. 


Sourcing fresh and authentic ingredients is a problem, but it's not unsurmountable. Especially with the availability of Amazon. 

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1 hour ago, abcdefg said:

Now that it is increasingly clear I may never return to China in this lifetime


That bad?


2 hours ago, 大块头 said:

I bought one out of curiosity


That brand is famous for its curry and "is one of Japan's largest food manufacturers and brands" - so I'd say they've probably put some deal of thought on making something that's palatable... even if the picture looks like the driest mapo tofu on earth. 


Follow this recipe and simply substitute the real stuff for this boxed premix.

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14 hours ago, yu3 said:

I love Szechuan cuisines ,although they are a little too hot but so yummy  ...


Agree. I love it too! One of the benefits of making a dish like this at home is that it is easy to adjust the amount of "hot" spices to suit your personal taste. 

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