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Is a Visa Submitted at An Agency At Closing Time Refundable?


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I submitted an application for chinese tourist visa 2 hours ago. The office is now closed. I have become skeptical of the school I will be teaching and no longer want to be there. If I go get it in the morning and tell them I no longer want a visa, will i be refunded?

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You are wise to refuse to go work in China without a work visa.

I think each agency may have its own refund policy. In any case, I would go and ask for the refund anyway - unless travel time to the agency is prohibitive for you?

If you post the name of the agency, someone might have previous experience with them...

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The Visa Office is in Wanchai. I think you mean you went to China Travel Service in Tsim Sha Tsui.


If so, you paid both a service fee to CTS and a visa fee to cover the charge for the visa itself. Maybe if they haven't sent your passport out for processing they'll refund the charge for the visa, but probably not their service fee.


Not much you can do but ask. And if no refund, it's hardly a disaster. You have a visa and you can easily travel up to the Mainland from Hong Kong for a visit.

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Yes, that's where it is.


what excuse should i make up to get out of paying for the visa?


should i say i got the wrong one and need to call the school so, give me my money back?  


I'm low on money :(

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Check their policy on returns first, if they have one and you can find it. If the policy is reasonable, it's best to just tell the truth: that the school seems unreliable, you've changed your mind and don't want the visa anymore, and since they haven't sent it to the visa office yet (and thus haven't spent that money yet), would they kindly return it to you.


Good luck, I hope it works. Good on you for not going to work on a dodgy visa.

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You applied for a tourist visa! Don't bring the school into it!


Refunds are simply not part of Hong Kong business practice. Maybe you'll be lucky, but all you can do is ask. Don't make a scene or a fuss or invent excuses! Just say your plans have changed.


In any event, staying in Hong Kong is expensive, and the conditions in a place like CKM are dreadful. If you're stuck with the visa -- and you probably will be -- then go up to Shenzhen for a few days. You'll get a decent room for less than you're paying in a CKM hovel, as well as good food at good prices. Plus, if you haven't been to the Mainland before you'll see what you're in for if you decide to teach there.


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