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Work Visa application rejected

Brian Lee

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i applied for z visa 5 days ago and yesterday my application was returned I donot know why.

I have valid workpermit issued by my employer.

I have valid contract

My education is 16 years of engineering.

 What I supplied with my application

1 Workpermit

2 Contract Copy

3 Bank Statement

4 Hand written visa application form

5 My old and new passport


Following I do not provided neither they ask me to submit

1 My experience Letters

2 My degree copy

3 My birth certificate

4 Invitation letter or any reference letter.


Any idea why they donot accepted my z visa application ?


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If there's a problem with your paperwork, they normally tell you, so you can make repairs and submit again.


But if there's a more fundamental problem, with you or your employer, they clam up.


That's not to say that's the problem here, just that it's the normal pattern.


Did you apply in your home country? Or are you in China trying to change your status?


As an aside, this isn't a great month to be applying for a Chinese visa, since there are indications the process has tightened a bit due to the goings-on in Beijing.

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Usually to apply for a Z Visa, you need to provide a Notification Letter, not an actual Work Permit. I'm not sure if that may be the cause.


As 889 asked, are you applying in your home country?

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Visa applications in countries neighbouring China on the Far West are usually considered pretty strictly. Also, because of important meetings in Beijing, China seems to be especially strict this month.


If you're Pakistani, then China -- for all its bonhomie about friendship across the border -- tends to be suspicious by nature, especially if you want to work in Xinjiang or other heavily Moslem areas.


If you're not Pakistani, then China tends to be suspicious why you're applying in Pakistan, not your home country. Indeed, the basic rule is that you should apply for a work visa in your home country, so if you're not Pakistani the embassy can certainly return your application without explanation.


The other possibility is that there were doubts of some sort about the bona fides of your documents or your background.


A couple of suggestions. First, go back to your Chinese contact and verify everything is in order. Second, in some countries -- I don't know about Pakistan -- there are visa agents who have particularly good relations with the embassy, and applications through them tend to go more smoothly.


(Some confusion arose because you initially said you submitted your "work permit," which isn't the same as the "work permit notification letter" you actually submitted.)

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