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Would Qin state have unified China earlier if Bai Qi had survived?


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Hi everyone,


I guess we all know about the legendary general Bai Qi (Bo Qi). After the battle of Changping, Bai Qi wanted to end Zhao once and for all, as the Zhao troops were psychologically affected by the Battle of Changping. But the prime minister of Qin, Fan Sui, who was persuaded by a talker from Zhao, feared Bai Qi's rising power, and recommended the king to stop the attack on pretext that the Qin troops ought to be rested and to accept a ceded territory negotiation. 


After this incident, Bai Qi began to lose favour with the King and eventually had to commit suicide.


I often think of Bai Qi's tragic death and was wondering whether he would help Qin unify China earlier. For example, what if he had been able to destroy and occupy Zhao?


What do you think? Would Qin state have unified China earlier if Bai Qi had survived?

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