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How to write a Chinese letter

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It came up in another topic and as I was writing my reply I thought I'd just start a new one. Below is what I learned a Chinese letter should look like. Others may have learned differently and I'd love to know how, because with some luck I can improve my email-skills.








姓名 敬上


张老师: name and title of the addressee. If it's a friend, just write their name.

你好: start with this (or 您好)

内容: your actual message

祝 etc: I wish you...

一路顺风: here you write something you wish the person. Health, good luck, whatever you like. Goes on the next line. There is a number of set phrases you can use for various persons and occasions. If you want to make things easy for yourself, just write 好. 秋安 is one example, only suitable when it's actually autumn.

姓名: your name goes here, then a space, then 上 (sends this) or 敬上 (respectfully sends this)

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Add the date below your name in 年月日 format.


Isn't 敬上 a bit formal for an everyday letter?

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Chelsea Qin
亲爱的(或敬爱的)XXX:Dear ***
two space您(或你)好!
two space正文message

OR two spce祝福语wishes

                                                                 below right corner姓名name

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