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Visa struggle, help would be appreciated!


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Hey guys


I am a British national currently staying in Guangzhou, China on a 180 day F visa. I was only granted a single entry.


I am supposed to be visiting Hong Kong in around 2 and a half weeks time for an important personal event, thus would be leaving Mainland China and would need another entry or new visa to return to China after.


The inviters of my current visa are refusing to give me the new invitation/documentation to apply for a new visa to come back. I have also visited the local entry/exit bureau to see what they could do but since my inviter is not on the 'system' they cannot help me.


Feels like I have run out of options, so if you guys have any ideas or advice it would be much appreciated!



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Why are you staying on an F visa? What are you doing in Guangzhou? 


If theyre refusing to send you a new letter of invitation... you’re just going to have to find another way. 


If you want an F visa for some reason, an agent could probably knock something up for you for a fee.


Otherwise could try tourist visa or an actual work/study Visa.

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Hi ChTTay


I'm here on a group study/work programme. I think this F visa is some kind of combination of this.


How would I go about getting a tourist visa/ actual work/study visa? Surely I need someone to invite me... are there simple/easy ways to get this documentation to then apply?


Many thanks

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If you apply in the UK, you should get a two-year multiple-entry visa with a stay of 90 days each entry. I well suspect these are not available in HK, but you can look into it: contact a couple of agencies.


If not, you'll have to decide whether it's worth an air ticket.


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I think the simplest way might be to sit down and weigh up the importance of the this "personal event" against the remainder of your study course. Once you have thought about it, maybe you could think of another solution.


Maybe rescheduled your "personal event" for the end of your stay, go to HK , then fly home from there with no need to re-enter the mainland.


Once you return to the UK you can apply for what ever visas are available to you as suggested by others.


I hope it works out for you.

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If it’s a work study program, why won’t they give you a new invitation? 


You could always offer to pay all the expenses of the process. This might be why they refused. If it’s not ... then there’s something else going on you or they aren’t saying.


To get a student visa you would need to be an actual student with an institution who can provide student visas. As you already don’t have one, then it would suggest your current place isn’t once of those.


if a tourist 30 day Visa will cover you i’d just try and do that. No guarantee they’ll give you one in HK though. Easiest would be to not leave China until you’re finished - as Shelley says above. 

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A long time ago, if you had a single entry visa, you used to be able to get a re-entry permit, for exactly the kind of thing you are talking about. I don't know if these are still available or if you need any special documentation, but you could try asking.

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Thanks for input guys, it is something I can't really miss. Really not ideal since I need to stay in China for a good 4 months after the event.


Will take on board and try and come up with something, any one/ anything else in the meantime would really appreciate it. Also if anyone has experience with visa agents that would be great to learn about as an option

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