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Turkish stamps in passport as a sign for rejected work visa?


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I am a Canadian who applied for a z work visa last week at the visa center in Ottawa. I thought all would be well as the man working there seemed positive about having things in order, but then later in the day I got a call saying my application would take "at least" a month according to the visa officer at the embassy.


After looking into this online, I have realized that having Turkish passport stamps seems to be a major issue. I visited Turkey in 2015 and 2016 for tourism and to visit my partner who lives there.


I've seen a lot of posts about people who had previously gone to Turkey getting rejected for tourist visas but none so far about work visas? I had all the correct papers, and this would be my first entry ever into China. I know the relationship between Turkey and China is not great, but also my partner is Turkish and he didn't have any issues getting his z visa in September.


I am hoping that if they were going to reject me they would have done so outright and not told me to wait at least an entire month?


Does anyone have any insights or advice for this situation?

I also wrote a personal letter detailing that I was only there for tourism, so I'm hoping that helps my case.

Thank you!

PS: the work visa was for an English teaching position in Tianjin.

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I had to write a statement explaining why I had a Turkish stamp in my passport when I got my most recent visa, and then it was all fine. I think anyone with Turkish or Iraqi stamps had to write a statement.


This was for a tourist visa though - I had no problems getting a Z visa previously with the exact same stamp in it! 


I would have thought that if you have your work permit, and the visa office have accepted your application, then you should be okay - but obviously there's never any certainties with visa related stuff in China...

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Thank you so much for answering...


I wrote a letter explaining why I had the stamps. I'm happy to hear you were able to still get a visa; that is very reassuring.


The one month delay is what got me, but I'm still trying to remain hopeful :)

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