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Is Jukuu dead?

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If so, don't take it personally. When IP addresses are blocked, a site usually blocks a whole block of addresses -- using the first sets of digits in the address -- and that often sweeps up the innocent as well as the guilty.

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Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I'm limping along with Tor, which sometimes doesn't find the site, sometimes takes 3 minutes to return a search. I tried a free VPN and that took forever and didn't find it. I'm hoping jukuu will fix something in the near future. In the meantime, does anyone know of anything similar? I suppose it's a dictionary of translation, or a bilingual concordancer. Linguee does a very good job with English/German, but for English/Chinese it's missing something.

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If it works on your phone and your mobile data plan allows it, you can try tethering your PC to it and browse through your mobile provider.  It can be done via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, try googling your phone model + tethering to find out how to do it.  Of course that will use your mobile data quota, so be careful you don't download a multi-gigabyte file or watch streaming video while tethering is on.

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Try this if all you want is a different IP.


I can confirm that Jukuu is trying to ban known proxies. Seen a couple of 403 pages. If it persists after you switch to a different IP, try clearing browser cookies.


Maybe you can write a complaint letter to them and explain you are not a proxy exit and are not using automated script and see if they can unblock you.

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I think that site only tests the home page, which I can now get to. It's when I put something in the search box and hit enter that I get the 403.


Just tried turning off Kaspersky, didn't help.

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Sorry it didn't help. I've searched quite a few words since yesterday and no problems (and it's a great database I'd forgotten about). I'm with Plusnet, the configuration shouldn't be all that different from BT, but then BT moves in mysterious ways...

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Interesting... Jukuu is also blocking 3rd party search.

If you press Alt+6 in Zhongwen's popup window, for example, you'll get a 403 error.


The solution is simple:

In Firefox, install RefControl

In RefControl Options, Add Site

Site: jukuu.com

Action: Custom: http://www.jukuu.com/




There are similar extensions for Chrome.

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So, I was using RefControl, as recommended by Publius, but then Firefox updated, and it was no longer compatible. I tried a few other things, and eventually resigned myself to living without Jukuu. But just now, I discovered a back door. If I go onto MDBG, any character will give you the option to get sample sentences from jukuu. That works. Then you hit 'view more results on jukuu', and it opens in a new tab. And from there, you can stick stuff in and it works. At least for me. Why did it take me so long to figure this out? And how long will Jukuu take to figure out a way of blocking me again?

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Thanks for the tip @li3wei1 , I'd given up too.


14 hours ago, li3wei1 said:

how long will Jukuu take to figure out a way of blocking me again?


If that happens (or even if it doesn't), you can try Youdao. It works more or less the same way, the example sentences are very similar (same?) in style, and it gives better additional information.


In a PC, you can use Youdao in a browser without installing anything - but it can also be used in tablets/phone from a Youdao 翻译 app.


http://www.jukuu.com/ still works in Chrome (also in the new Edge Chromium). It is not secure, be careful and don't enter any personal information.

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@Luxi -- Thanks for mentioning Youdao. I'm a long time Jukuu user, but it's good to have an alternative. 


When I meet a new word, reading and understanding a whole lot of example sentences gives me the best chance of becoming able to use it myself. A dictionary definition alone seems to not be enough. 

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