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Z visa for non-natives


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Don't forget that Z visas are issued for working in China and teaching English is not the only kind of job someone can have in China.

Please, make that distinction in either the topic or later in your post. Someone who has never been to China might be mislead that somehow well-paid, type A work on a Z visa at a Tier 1 city can be issued only to people from certain countries. Teaching English is only one thing you can do in China. There are so many opportunities in China. 


3 hours ago, ChTTay said:

As for non-native speakers working for agencies or what-not, it’s a tough life. Often work way more hours for a lot less pay and no benefits. I overheard a women from El Salador in the local police station recently saying she gets paid 3k a month with a bedroom in an apartment. She said if she is late for work or misses a day, they deduct her whole weeks pay. I worked with someone from an agency who’s circumstance were a lot better than that but they still had to work 6 days a week. 


I agree with what @ChTTay said, anything illegal or semi-legal (if you are working on a Z visa, but something is not quite right), you might end up in a situation like the one described above. 




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”Don't forget that Z visas are issued for working in China and teaching English is not the only kind of job someone can have in China.”


I can’t find the quote button on my phone. 


The OP is talking about jobs in schools... so of course we’re talking about Z visas for teaching. We haven’t forgotten. 



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Getting Z visa for non-natives is possible in case you have a degree. For the papers your employer will ask you to fake your experience in case you don't have one. With this you'll get your visa with the right to work as a teacher of anything else but English. So, technically speaking you'll still be illegal even though there's a Z visa on your passport. And the last, it's most likely that you'll have to lie to everyone about your place of origin. It can get quite tough. I guess if you want to go legal, then it's better to forget about teaching English in China as a non-native speaker. 

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To teach English in China you need to be from one of the countries (passport as primary evidence) in the following link, or have authenticated certificates of your primary school education and possibly high school education in one of those countries. Native English Speakers




Have a bachelor degree or higher




And meet one of the four following requirements:

• 2 Years post graduation work experience (preferably related)
• Masters Degree
• Related Degree - Language/English/etc
• Certification - TEFL/CELTA/etc


More Information

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