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Chinese comfort food 南瓜粥 Pumpkin Porridge


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I have never been a fan of pumpkin, to me the insides are for removing to make a Jack  o'lantern and that's it:shock: I also am not a fan of other members of the gourd family.


I can however appreciate the simple heart warming meal you describe above, but its not for me.


Comfort food for me might be a Shepard's pie (or cottage pie) , spaghetti bolognaise, or mac and cheese for example.


I fear my tastes are limited but I don't mind:P


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Thanks, @xuexiansheng-- I'll take a look. Appreciate your suggestion.


On 11/24/2017 at 9:26 PM, somethingfunny said:

This kind of pumpkin is more like a butternut squash than the kind you buy at halloween.


I think it has quite a bit more flavor than a "Halloween Pumpkin." This oblong variety is usually called 蜜本南瓜。Very popular here in China because they are inexpensive, nourishing and versatile (being both sweet and savory.)


Can be used to make a variety of breads and cakes 南瓜饼; popular as the basis for soups and stews. Often served just cut into pieces and steamed as a side dish, especially beside something spicy.


But, of course, that's neither here nor there if you dislike all squash, melons, and gourds. No worries; I'll have to be sure and make something else the next time you come for dinner, @Shelley!




Anyhow, here's Day 2.







Dressed it up today by adding sliced mushrooms 香菇 and young scallions 小葱 into part of what was left over. Fried them quickly in a deep skillet, added salt and pepper, stirred in some of the previous pumpkin zhou 南瓜粥 and cooked it a few minutes to blend the new flavors.





Tomorrow I might blend part of the remainder with some sauteed ground meat or a couple of century eggs 皮蛋 finely chopped, thus avoiding the monotony of eating the same thing too many days in a row.


What restaurant cooks often do, when they offer five or six kinds of zhou on the menu, is make a large pot of the basic plain formula 粥低, and then if a customer orders zhou with fish slices or seafood 鱼片海鲜粥, for example, add the required extra ingredients to a small pot off to the side. Similarly if you ask for zhou with lean pork and century eggs, 瘦肉皮蛋粥,they prepare your order in a small pot, adding the necessary ingredients and cooking it for a few additional minutes time.


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I have a hankering for scrambled eggs and tomatoes.


There has been a recent thing in the media (mostly Chinese news, Wechat, etc) about a young chinese student in school in USA who decides he wants to impress his friends with a traditional and delicious plate of scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Not sure how to cook this, he sends a "help me" message. His mother makes the dish with explanations while dad films it for the son to watch. The son makes the dish and rushes off to his friends house to share it. Only later does realise that his parents must have got up in the middle of the night (having forgotten the time difference) and done all this to help him half asleep:P


Its an ad for a student credit card, but has It has cause a stir because of the reaction of the parents to help whatever time it was and the sons assumption that they would. Its all about how much help is too much or too little and is he really a "mummy's boy" because he never learnt to cook such a simple meal.


Anyway it has been in the media quite a bit and every time I see it I think "oh that sounds wonderful, must try that."


I have been racking my brains trying to remember if you did this awhile ago or a version of it.

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I rarely make it at home because I hate peeling the squash so much!


The vendor first weighed it, then scooped out the seeds and peeled it for me (and other customers) at the point of sale using something that looked like a large shielded knife. Held the piece of squash in one hand and hacked at it the surface of it, pushing away from her body.


She made it look easy, but I'm still guessing it's an operation that required lots of practice to do safely. Not something I would try to do the same way at home. Good way to acquire the nickname "three-fingers Slim."


Wish this squash had a more distinctive name than simply "pumpkin" since it has much more flavor than the Thanksgiving/Halloween food most of us think of in the west. The actual Chinese name of this oblong variety is 蜜本南瓜, but it doesn't translate well. Maybe I'll start calling it "Chinese honey-stem squash" to give it a little class.



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If it's the same thing, it's also called butternut squash in NYC. :P


Yes, I've seen them peel it - similar knife to what they use to peel the sugar cane. My girlfriend never lets me tell the aunties to peel or cut stuff for me because most of them are using grimy knives covered in rust. I figure I can wash it off, but my girlfriend would kill me.

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