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On 8/22/2018 at 4:49 PM, blace19 said:


Please suggest me some best Chinese spices for spicy dishes


Welcome @blace19 -- Here are a few recipes that use Chinese spices. You can adjust the "fire" by adding more chilies. And remember that the seeds contain a lot of the "heat." So scrape them out if you like it mild, leave them in if you like it more hot. 






Part of what makes Chinese cooking taste good is the balance of the flavors. I generally use a light hand the first time I make a new dish and use more if needed the second time around.  I live in Yunnan, China's southwest, where spicy food is popular. 


If you let me know what kind of Chinese food you are interested in making, I can probably be more specific. It's a broad topic. Here are some other tried and true recipes in case you would like to browse.  https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/52430-alphabetical-index-of-food-articles/ 

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I appreciate your recipes abcdefg, thanks for posting the link to your recipe for 鱼香茄子。Prior to living in China, I did not appreciate how good eggplant could be. I have made 地三鲜 a few times but will give this a shot soon.

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You're welcome @GregO -- "Fish-flavored" pork slivers 鱼香肉丝 is made just about the same way. Another favorite imported from Sichuan ages ago that took root in Yunnan and is immensely popular here. 


Both of those dishes, the one with eggplant and the one with pork slivers, are staples in casual lunchrooms all over China. For 10 or 12 Yuan you can get either of them served with rice as a 盖饭. Big scoop of rice with the eggplant or meat on top. I sometimes make it like that at home too for the sake of convenience. 



I have made 地三鲜 a few times but will give this a shot soon.


This caught my eye. I've never made 地三鲜 myself. Was it straight forward; not overly complex or demanding of precision? Do you think you might like to post your recipe (in a new thread) so I can learn a new dish? 

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