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I'm thinking about applying for the IUP Tsinghua program in August 2018. Does someone have experience with this program? Is it possible to enroll if I only finished HSK 3? How much have you improved? What it easy to book a dorm-room, or did you find other accommodation?

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My friend (who we'll call 'K') did IUP back when it was only a programme for Berkeley students. She really didn't like the programme but it must have changed hugely since that time (would have been about 10-15 years ago that she did it). She didn't like it I think in part because her time in Beijing was unpleasant, rather than the programme being bad. She did say it was really hard though - and she was at Berkeley so by no means lazy!


Unless it's changed a lot I think HSK 3 wouldn't be a very good starting point. When I met K in Taiwan she could speak pretty much native level Chinese (I have an HSK5, myself, but could perhaps have done HSK6 when I left). I think the idea is you go in around HSK 5 or 6 and then they take you to full-on fluency (in theory). K was basically at that level of fluency where she could read academic publications in Chinese. She had been back living in the states though so had perhaps got a bit rusty. My impression is she was probably around HSK 4 or 5 when starting the programme - and much better than that in terms of speaking (she was a heritage speaker from the US).


Also bear in mind that it's really expensive!

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