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IIRC I had a fair bit of sympathy* for that guy and others in similar circumstances. Seems like for folk in developing countries, China's become some kind of beacon - that's where the mobile phones come from, it's who funds and builds the new bridges. They get promised an expensive but decent and affordable education, in English, and are young and inexperienced enough to take that at face value, go through a torturous visa and application process, turn up and.... boom. The guy at the front of the class can't speak English, and when you figure out what he's saying it's not the course you were promised.


* Or I might have been sarcastic. I can't remember. 

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Well friend, I know how you feel.  When I first went to China in 2009, I had the same problems.  This is common with English First if you do not go through a reputable agency.  You are right to be concerned, and I'll bet your Chinese contacts (that you are depending on) are telling you, "Don`t worry about it!"   My first teaching year in China(2009-10) I signed a contract with the most disreputable agency in China and it was a nightmare anytime that I had to depend on the agency.  there is so much that I could say but it would all be negative and you are here now and need support. Through a very good Englishman that I met in Hangzhou city that first year where I was working, I learned that I was working for the worst agency possible.  Actually, he told me that he was working for the best agency in China.  Both the worst agency in China and the best agency were and are located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.  


I finished my first year in China and then returned to the US for a year and a half, but really missed teaching the great students in China, so I wanted to come back and teach English again.  I contacted the good agency, Haida HR in Hangzhou, and after I had gained confidence in Haida signed a contract with them.  I was amazed at how professional Haida was.  I signed my contract, eventually flew to Hangzhou and truly enjoyed the five and one half years that I worked for Haida.  They are an agency with real integrity.  Who you work for in China makes all the difference as to whether you will be treated honestly or not.  I hope you are treated well and can enjoy your time there.  Good Luck

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