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Giving up the CSC scholarship


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Hi everyone,


I received the CSC scholarship to study for a PhD, but due to a ridiculous administrative problem I couldn't be enrolled in the university that I chose. As a result I was sent to some random other university and they changed my major for good measure.


I still came to China because really there wasn't much else I could do at that point and I was hoping to work something out, but this is completely useless. Turns out it might actually be a good thing for me because I might get enrolled next year in a much better program in Europe.


My questoin is this: are there serious consequences for giving up the scholarship? Will I have to reimburse the money or will this have an impact on future visa requests to China? When I got here I got a two-year residency permit that will probably be canceled, does that stay in my file somewhere as a black mark? And last question, the professor I was supposed to work with here originally (before being sent to the random university) has offered me to do some work in her lab for a little while next semester, even though I'm already in discussions to go study in Europe next year: could something bad happen to me if I stay on the scholarship for a while even though I already know I will give it up?


Thanks for your insights everyone!

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