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Does anybody know of a character converter that will ask for user input when ambiguities happen (and only when they happen)?


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I realise one can't map characters between simplified and traditional 1-to-1, but oftentimes you actually can, without serious issues. Is there a program which can convert a text file and then run through asking me to clear up any potential ambiguities, kind of like how good OCR software will, where it iterates through and asks for your input when it's not confident.


Sorry if this has been posted about, I'm getting an API error when I try to search, and the first few pages of the forum didn't seem to turn up anything.

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OpenCC seems to be doing pretty well in resolving ambiguities.

I tested its online converter very unscientifically with this sentence 因为只要你愿意就可以用乾坤一掷干脆利落地干掉一只云梦巨野牛. It only got 巨野 wrong.

Maybe you can use it combined with a human proofreader or write a script or have someone write a script that can check the input and output against a table like this or this?

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Thanks guys. As far as OpenCC, it seems like a good converter, but doesn't do the specific thing I need, which is automatically showing me ambiguities to resolve, although it might be useful for another project I'm carrying in my head.


As to Wenlin, thanks Mike, that sounds like exactly what I'm after, and looking at Wenlin for the first time in a while, I'm realising what a powerful piece of software it looks like. It has a lot of features I've been sorely lacking for, like CDL variant specification. So that's awesome. In regards to that feature, are you referring to the [Edit] -> [Make transformed copy] tool? I haven't checked because I can only use that tool with a Deluxe license.


It probably doesn't matter actually, at this point I'm probably gonna scrape the money together to buy a license either way, it's feature set looks awesome.


Edit: I did indeed just purchase a license after the free version offered a 50% discount.

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