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Wubi question


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Another character that was making me scratch my head today: 像




You'd think it would be WQKE (which doesn't correspond to any character), not WQJE. It's treating the third character root like it's the double-box root in 临 (JTYJ).

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Quoting myself:

On 7/4/2021 at 4:48 PM, imron said:

Wubi is weird sometimes, and it sometimes makes strange choices in how to split characters, I guess to help avoid conflicts.

Far from being a perfect system, it’s a best effort system that makes compromises and contains contradictions and inconsistencies.


Attempts to fix its drawbacks (wubi 98) were not popular with users and never really took off. 


All you can do is look at weird things in it, and make a mental note to accept them within wubi’s imperfect worldview. 


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Hi, thanks, 大块头.

I'm 90% sure that I write 像 and 晚 differently: 像 with 日+丿 and 晚 with 口+丿. I asked a friend who is a 90后 teacher and claims to be a super diligent, straight A student in elementary school. She said she wrote them both the same way, i.e. 口+丿. Perhaps my habits are too much influenced by Wubi. I vaguely remember a discussion about the stroke order of 免/兔/鬼... But I can't remember whether it was here or back in school or from an educational TV program or somewhere else.

Anyway, like imron said, Wubi is not a perfect system. If you decide to use it, you'll have to accept its many quirks and irregularities, including perhaps wrong stroke orders.

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Another interesting bit of wubi 86 weirdness. I wonder if the stroke order for 龙 has changed? The sequence DXI isn't used for any other characters.




Edit: I guess it's because the last character root is 匕, which when written on its own has the final stroke indicated in blue.

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