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I need to get my third shot of hepatitis vaccination. Do I just go to a hospital and do it or do I need to book an appointment first?
Also, does anybody know how much roughly would it cost?

Thank you!

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Oh, I see. 


In the US, Hep A is usually 2 shots and Hep B is usually 3. (Some combo shots also exist.)  






I doubt you will be able to get it in Nanjing. Two of the three Hep B shots still confer some immunity, though not as much as the complete series of 3. 

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I think I remember being told they don’t have the Combo in China.


Might be easier, but more expensive, to find a Western style hospital and sort it there. UNITED FAMILY hospital in I s where I go. They have a hospital in shanghai I believe

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Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get it anywhere in China as it’s in kids’ immunization shedule already?


How’s OP’s Chinese?


According to this recent person:







I assume if you are only going for your third shot you probably need to do a blood test to show your levels before they’ll just give it to you.

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11 hours ago, 陳德聰 said:

Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get it anywhere in China as it’s in kids’ immunization shedule already?


What I should have said is that although it may be theoretically possible, I think it will be sufficiently difficult as to be impossible for her to actually accomplish.  I could be mistaken. Wouldn't hurt to try.


One issue will being explaining what you think you need and being understood. That requires a certain level of technical sophistication on both ends of the equation.The other issue will be whether or not they have it available or can obtain it for you. An additional issue is that vaccines in Mainland China are not always reliable. Quite a few scandals associated with them.


Not sure where OP is from, but it may very well be better to delay and get it back in her home country. A delay of several months is not critical. Assuming she is a university student, she can get it when she goes home for the summer holiday.


Will admit that I am not an optimist regarding complex medical matters such as this. I have seen them get fouled up more often than not. "I need a shot of penicillin for a strep throat" is pretty straight forward. This immunization issue is not.

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Aside from fears regarding safety, I think it should be possible! I just got typhoid at the same time as my girlfriend got hepatitis here in Hangzhou about 3 weeks ago. They had the domestic vaccine on hand and an imported one was available for order from Shanghai for a small premium. We just went to a small neighborhood clinic.


I walked in and asked if they had the shot, they said they had it and sent me to another room to pay. I walked back and was given the shot, then made to sit down on a couch for 30 minutes before being told I could leave. My girlfriend also got HPV while we were there. Wouldn't necessarily suggest it if you're outside a major city, or if like abc mentions you'll be going home in a few weeks/months. However, they're much cheaper here than in the US. I went back a week ago to get Japanese encephalitis as I am planning to go to Thailand over the new year and the shot cost 70 yuan for the first round (of two). My sister paid $300 for it back in NYC. 

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In Beijing you just turn up and pay (after you register).

Every hospital would do it in Beijing anyway . Different prices for different hospitals but as a total  guess at 100 to 200 kuai. (Based on similar style treatment I had).

It's a standard treatment so I'd imagine many hospital across China would have this service too


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6 hours ago, Alex_Hart said:

my girlfriend got hepatitis here in Hangzhou about 3 weeks ago.

Note however that there are several different types of Hepatitis vaccines .


The OP is looking for the final dose of one of the three dose vaccines.  Will she be able to find the correct one at whatever hospital or clinic she goes to?  Does that even matter?  I don't know the answer to that question, I'm not a doctor, but like abcedfg says, it's going to require a degree of technical explaining and understanding on both sides.


That is the problem here, not whether there is general availability of some Hepatitis vaccine in China (of course there is), it's whether there's availability of the last shot the OP needs and whether OP can explain that sufficiently clearly to a Chinese doctor.  FWIW, a quick google confirms what abcdefg says in that holding off taking the shot for a short time won't have an impact on efficacy of the vaccine.

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If you’re heading somewhere like Thailand they have travel clinics where they do all kinds of shots, sell antimalarials etc. Might be easier to explain somewhere more foreigner friendly than a Chinese hospital. 

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