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What Points are considered in awarding CSC scholarship to non Chinese students


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My Masters GPA is 3.6 i have two C+ grades one in Wireless Communication which i compensate in advanced wireless communication techniques with A and second is in DSP i have two journals article publications i got two C+ because i was studying in parallel with my job. What image it gives on selection committee? Other than that i have strong letter of recommendations from professors and my job.


You remarks are highly appreciated in this regard!


Thank You

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I don't think anyone would care about your GPAs or individual marks at courses at CSC - I often have the impression that they don't even flip your application material page by page, if at all... I didn't get a CSC scholarship at first with nearly max GPA, multinational internship experience, student research competition awards, extracurricular activities, rector and dean recommendation letters, while in the same year, for the same CSC program, my classmate got it with bottom-rock GPA, no work/research experience and an application package with missing documents (e.g. no health inspection form and only one recommendation letter, however the standard was 2 rec. letters at that time). We couldn't obtain any pre-admission letters from universities at that time (it's changed since then), and those pre-admission letters could actually help you a lot, but otherwise even after 7 years I still say that it's completely random and a black box.


My suggestion would be to do your homework in terms of the application process: make your package as sexy as possible, highlight everything relevant to any standard scholarship (research achievements like your publications, work experience, intercultural experience, charity stuff, extracurricular activities), make sure you have a full package (all required documents provided), as these would definitely not hurt - but at the same time, be prepared for the randomness - the latter helps you with your everyday Chinese life as well if you get the scholarship.

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Hey Waqas, 

where are you thinking of applying to? 

It might be a good idea to contact each school you want to go to and possibly visit if you can. 


As above there can be little logic in CSC choices but it's always good to get to know admissions staff and faculty 



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Hello Thanks to both of you for replying.


I have acceptance letters from Tsinghua, Beijing Inst. of Tech. BUAA, SWJTU. but i am concerned for my C+ grade over all my percentage is 89% with distinction, i obtained A grade in my thesis i have experience letter from National level R&D organization.

But some time i am really afraid if they look on my grades i have two C+ although i have compensated one in advanced course but second was in DSP. As with job in parallel to higher studies it is difficult to manage although i got distinction with C+ grades.  

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Don't worry, there is very little - if any - chance for someone digging through your individual grades, guys at the CSC don't really have time for that. For example, in my country, your application is pre-screened at the insitution you're applying for the scholarship (e.g. if you applying via the local Chinese embassy for a bilateral scholarship, their cultural department goes through the applications, and select the maximum number for available scholarship spots - CSC very rarely debate with those applications to be perfectly honest).


So don't worry, complete your application package, send it to the designated place, and then fingers crossed - based on the info you shared with us, I don't think you have anything to worry about at the moment.

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