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Basic Anki deck most similar to Pleco's for HSK6

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Hello everyone,


I'm looking for an Anki deck that is most similar to Pleco's flashcards for HSK6. Basically ~5000 words in Chinese characters on one side of the flashcard and then the English translation on the other. I have a great deck already but it has too many functions that I'm not interested in at the moment (I don't want it the other way around as in English meaning 1st and Chinese character 2nd etc.).



I'm only interested in simplified characters but don't mind having the traditional one in brackets as well.



Hopefully I posted this in the right subforum. If not, please move it and let me know.



Thank you

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If you like the list in Pleco you can export that to a text file (Import/Export / Export Cards) and import that into Anki (it's just tab-delimited text).

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there are a pile of shared decks online for Anki that do just that However PLECO also has that built in I see 

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