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How many posters do you see? (Kanji Ambigrams)


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Okay, so these are Japanese Kanji and not exactly belong here, but they are quite interesting.

Do you see four different posters here?  Actually, there are only 2 designs and the other two are just the first two seen upside down.

I first encountered ambigrams in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, thought them interesting but largely forgot about them afterwards.  It is quite fascinating to see that they can be done with Chinese Characters (or Japanese Kanji in this case).




Bigger versions here (in Japanese).

And here's the creator's twitter.

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This issue, with the same posters, was a five minute segment on a Japanese soft news program this morning. I'm afraid I only caught the end of it, so I didn't glean anything that hasn't been mentioned above.


But they included the Illuminati paper clue scene from the Dan Brown movie, and carvings/paper cut outs casting reverse shadows on the pavement.


I didn't catch the channel designation, but I think it was Sankei Fuji ( channel 8 in Japan), if anybody wants to try to find it on the Internet. There should be some English subs for those who don't have any Japanese.



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The creator's twitter mentioned that it was featured on 3 different TV stations on the 17th, and this morning on TBS.  There will be another appearance on TBS's N star this evening around 17:30 Japan time, if there's no other sudden big news to bump it off.


EDIT: found this morning's on youtube: link (in Japanese).

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Thanks for the clarification.


TBS is channel  six in Japan...  My bad...


By the way, all the major tv stations have downloadable apps for following  their news stories. Some may accomodate a certain amount of English.



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