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New policy regarding mobile phone use during flight


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For as long as I can remember, Chinese carriers have required that mobile phones be switched off during flight; cabin staff would not allow their use even in flight mode to play music or watch movies.


As of Thursday 18 January this changed;.You are now permitted to use them in airplane mode, even during take-off and landing. 


I flew China Eastern domestic the morning of the 18th and the Flight Attendants made repeated happy announcements about the change. That was on a domestic flight from Kunming to Qingdao. A different crew made the same announcement later the same day during my international flight from Qingdao to San Francisco. Apparently, it's a "customer-friendly" rule they had been lobbying for several years. 


They said the policy was not just for their airline, or for this particular flight, but was a broad revision in the China Aviation Rules. I was flying Business Class, but staff told me the new policy applied throughout the entire plane, economy as well as business. 


Has anyone else who has flown since then had the same first-hand experience? As a frequent air traveler I welcome this change. It add a degree of convenience on long flights and puts China carriers more in step with other global airlines.

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Here's more: http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2018-01-18/doc-ifyqtycw9172012.shtml 


Still cannot make calls, thank goodness, but the phone can be switched on as long it's in flight mode 飞行模式 to watch video, listen to music, or play games. 


Some carriers have said they will soon begin offering in-flight wi-fi for a fee. Yesterday (19 Jan) that was available on American Airlines at the modest cost of $10 for the 3-hour flight from San Francisco to Dallas. 

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25 minutes ago, abcdefg said:

Still cannot make calls, thank goodness


That's a relief, long may it last! When I read the news, I had nightmarish visions of a planeload of people shouting on their phones all through a transatlantic flight. 

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This is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing! When I flew with Shanghai Airlines I believe back in 2015 to Hong Kong, it was my first time flying with a Chinese airline I was so annoyed that we could not use our phones. Glad this policy has changed and finally put me at ease for future travels with any Chinese airlines

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