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Additional listening material / Kindle graded readers

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Hey everyone,


I made a post about a month and a half ago about how to best revise my study method; I've been progressing nicely however I have a couple of questions:


- I'm up to Lesson 35 in the Growing Up With Chinese series, I ripped the audio and use them as a source for listening practice rather than an actual lesson (skip the culture + radical section), I'm going well with it and I like that they use the 'r on the end of everything however I'm finding it's getting a bit stale doing this every day. I'm looking for some additional sources of material, I found this video earlier and it seemed OK (the subtitles are a nuisance but once the audio is ripped it would be a useful listening source): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrhiXZzPCsA.

Can anyone recommend some other listening sources - preferably with a Northern accent and preferably free although I'd be down for any recommendations.


- I have started using graded readers and am now on my final book at the first level for the Mandarin Graded Companion Readers. As I'm leaving the country soon I don't have enough time to order in any hard copies of books so I can only really download ebooks/Kindle books. I'm not sure whether I should try reading the next level of readers or buy more at the same level. Are there any other ebooks anyone on here knows of that they can recommend?



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There is a lot of listening material in Ximalaya FM, most are difficult but there are some good ones for learners.


This series is particularly good 




There are several recordings of this 60 episodes series, this one is very clear and includes the transcripts. It is designed for Chinese people improving their level of 'putonghua' but some of the episodes seem very suitable for HSK3 level. 



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