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Permanent residence for working professional


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Hello everyone,

I browsed a bit and could not find another thread covering this topic in the past year, couple of years.

Has anyone here gone through the process or knows someone who has succeeded?


I am basically curious about how possible or impossible this might be. You have been living and working for a few years in China and you wonder how feasible it could be to stop depending on companies to act as your sponsor and have the freedom to reside in the country even if you are not employed (or studying).


  • neither an investor nor a nobel prize winner, top researcher for some particular field, diplomat...
  • working professional who has been living and working for a few years, let's say 5 years in China
  • let's add experience working for 500 fortune company
  • proficiency of Chinese with HSK 6 passed
  • degree from top university in China
  • decent regular income and paying taxes in China
  • clean criminal record, immigration...


with at least a majority of the items listed, is it possible to apply for the permanent residence and succeed?

If so, what are the conditions to maintain this status?


thanks in advance


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nobody? I dont want to lose hope so fast :) 


if you know anyone who has succeeded please share his/her experience! thanks 

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short of marriage (spouse visit), setting up your own business and employing Chinese, investing half a million dollars or making great contributions to China i never heard anyone getting a permanent resident. 


As far as I am away you never get a "permanent" resident, they all need to be renewed periodically (5 years or so)

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Lumbering Ox



With it you can stay in China for an unlimited amount of time, unlimited seems to mean 10 years for adults.


How to Apply
To qualify for the Green card, you need to fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

I Be a high-level foreign expert holding a post in a business that promote China's economic, scientific and technological development, or social progress.
II Have made outstanding contributions, or are of special importance to China.
III Have made large direct investment of over 500 thousand US dollars in China. *based on below links that's for poor regions it goes up in other regions

IV Come to China to be with your family, such as husband or wife, minors dependent on their parents, and senior citizens dependent on their relatives.


I'd hazard a guess that point 3 or 4 are your best shot. That or be Chuck Norris, and don't not be Chuck Norris. You can count to infinity twice right?


More linkality





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Outside of family links, I'd wager everyone who gets that kind of deal has it offered to them by their good friend the mayor, rather than having to ask for it. 

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Wippen (inactive)

I know a US student who was offered a ten year visa last year upon application for study visa. She was simply asked if she wanted a ten year visa. This was either end December 2016 of beginning of 2017. Her age was around 25. She didn't explain further. It is possible she was a musician as she was practicing the erhu.

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That's a different thing. I believe China and USA has a bilateral 10 years visa program. So, it's vise versa for Chinese citizens too! And, It's just gives them 10 years multiple entry visa but AFAIK duration of the stay is still allowed only by immigration and only couple of months. 

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