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Tourist visa application, Bipolar diagnosis


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hi, I'm due to visit Shanghai in 2 months time and have begun to apply for a Visa. I have a diagnosis of Bipolar and see that I have to declare it, I have medication that I have to take every day and I'm there for 2 weeks so will need it. Will be declaring it result in an immediate refusal for a Visa despite me being stable and in recovery? Also if they found out what would happen? 

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I'm not a lawyer or visa agent, so take this with a grain of salt. 


In my opinion declaring it would likely get your rejected because this is exactly what the Chinese government wants to keep out. I don't know what would happen if you didn't declare and they discovered your medication, or even if they would even look. 


Most likely you would be fine as long as you didn't have an episode in China. 

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Will be declaring it result in an immediate refusal for a Visa despite me being stable and in recovery?


If you want to be issued a visa, you will need to lie about it on your application, you will need to omit it. If you find that impossible, forget about visiting China. China is not very progressive when it comes to official understanding of mental illness. 

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Agree with the above! 


Don't declare it if you want to visit. If that is something you’re not comfortable with, then perhaps change your destination for those 2 weeks.

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Agree with the above but I would add that you should you ensure that you are safe in Shanghai and be able to deal with any episodes you might have. China can be a bit of a culture shock so be safe :)

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