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Where to buy train tickets from Guangzhou to Thailand?


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You cannot buy train tickets from Guangzhou to Thailand. There's no such rail service.


If you want to do this trip by rail to the extent possible -- not that I'm suggesting you should -- you can take a train from Guangzhou to Nanning, then the overnight train from Nanning to Hanoi, then the long train ride down Vietnam to HCM. There you can get off the rails and head to Cambodia by road, traversing the country to the Thai border. If you're really fierce about trains, you may be able to do part of this journey onboard. Otherwise it's a bus, or a ferry in parts if you want to be a bit adventurous. From the Thai border you can take a train to Bangkok. (If you're anywhere in the remotest vicinity, Angkor Wat in Cambodia is worth a very long detour.)


I take it you're American, so don't forget the need for Cambodian and Vietnamese visas. And since you'll be entering Thailand overland, you'll only get a 15-day stay, not the 30 days you'd get arriving at an airport.


Of course you can also reach Thailand overland from Yunnan via Laos.



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At this moment, I see flights on Spring Airline's mobile app for 436RMB (taxes/fees included) one-way Guangzhou to Bangkok in the next few days. Grab one!


(For some odd reason, the Spring website doesn't show these flights, only the mobile app.)


Please, forget about bus and train to Thailand, this time.


EDIT: SCRATCH THAT! I was looking at March fares on the Spring app. Fares now are actually pretty high.


Maybe look into going to Hanoi via train from (or bus) from Nanning. It's a good place for a visit.

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Judging by this map, it can be done (almost, anyway).


Take the train from Guangzhou to Kazakhstan via Xinjiang. Will likely require a change of train in Urumqi. Go from Kazakhstan through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to Iran. Then from Iran through Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, and finally into Thailand.


There are a couple of potential snags, though. Not sure if any trains regularly run between Pakistan and India, or if the border is open, or open to foreigners. And I don't know what the deal is with the railway track on the Bangladesh Myanmar border. If you don't mind taking a bus for that part of the trip, it might be doable.

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