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Audio file: please criticise my pronunciation


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A few comments about carlo's nice reading:

Here's Quest's earlier transcription again as a reference:


In "跟中国的古老文化," 古老sounds gu1lao3, should be gu3lao3 or gu2lao3 (if gu is shortened).

紧紧 sounds like two short jin1's for some reason, should be jin3jin3.

古代文学家 sounds like wen4hua4jia1, should be wen2hua4jia1.

The last two instances of 文化 sound like wen3hua4, should be wen2hua4.

The rest sounds peachy keen. Doesn't sound like Al Pacino at all.

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Just a small problem with the 2nd tone, otherwise excellent :)

古代文学家 sounds like wen4hua4jia1, should be wen2hua4jia1.

wen2xue2jia1 =)

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To analyse speech into graphs, you can use cheap softwares like praat or miniSpeechLab, also universities usually have more expensive speech analyser machines, they put them in a special sound room like a radio broadcasting room, and let the subjects talk into microphones.

I typed different characters for different sentences because they had incorrect tones, and therefore it was easier for me to think with other characters. They don't mean anything special.

The first sentence is the correct word-for-word pronunciation so it is forced. The second, third, and fourth sentences were normal, with different emphasises. The last four were probably incorrect, but were given as correct in the past replies and therefore were forced.

-Shìbó :mrgreen:

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Gato, Quest, very helpful comments, thanks a lot. I can hear what's wrong now after you've pointed it out. It seems when speaking faster my second tones have a tendency to flatten out and become either first or third, they don't 'glide' as they should. In 文学家 there are even falling slightly. 风景的景 is also slightly off, like, not low enough. Cool, something to work on.

Fenlan, as they say you can fool someone some of the time, but it's too easy to get complacent. If we only had more time to practice...

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Words like 你好、再见、认识你,我很高兴、太太、夫人、先生、小姐 and 谢谢 are designed by the chinese in dealing with foreigners.

I have to say I don't agree with that. At least I use there words with other chinese especially those I'm not very familiar with.

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