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Cangjie/Wubi graphic dictionaries

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Hello, everyone! First time posting, so please bear with me!


Purely out of curiosity, I’ve been dabbling with Cangjie and Wubi these past few weeks, much to my enjoyment. I’ve pretty much read all (or at least most) posts in the forums about those, and it was unfortunate that some are actually just too old for the resources they link to to be still online.


Anyway, I’ve actually found two interesting tools that have helped me immensely but that I can’t really remember having been mentioned around the threads I got to check. Not sure whether you can call them ‘dictionaries’, but both are the typical resources that provide the codes for a given character. Although there are quite a few such places on the Web, what made these two special for me was that they actually provide a graphic model of the character code — that is, not only they give you the keyboard code, but they also indicate which part of the character is yielded by which keyboard key, e.g.:




Although not really necessary for ‘obvious’ characters, these tools have given me quite a clearer insight of the input systems, besides helping me figure out some codes I couldn’t totally make sense of on my own.


The Cangjie website is 《Follow Me倉頡字典 》. I just can’t for the sake of me force the first page to load with the proper encoding automatically, but it works just fine otherwise. Traditional characters only (as far as I could test it). The image above came from there.


The Wubi website is 我爱五笔网. This time, as far as I could test it, simplified (GB2312) characters only. I got a bit confused in that sometimes it seemed to give you only shortcuts (是 = J instead of JGHU), and sometimes both the full and the short codes (我 = Q / TRN), so there might be a pattern I’m missing; it does always seem to go for the shortest code though (so 我 = TNR instead of TNRT), which is fine by me.


Incidentally, a very useful tool from this latter website I’d initially missed is its Wubi tutor, found at 五笔练习. I don’t have Adobe Flash Player installed, so it didn’t load on Firefox and I assumed it might be broken; however, I decided to test it on Edge and voilà! there it was, working like a charm!


So, that’s it. Here’s hoping these can prove useful for someone else too! Cheers!


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Nice.  You're right about how all the good resources seem to disappear.  There was a really good typing tutor for Wubi that no longer exist, plus a whole bunch of other tools.

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