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some scholarship problems

Melda Orcan

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Hey guys! i am studying Chinese language over 3years and i am about to graduate from university. I want to apply scholarship for master's degree program. but i have some questions.

is it okay to apply government scholarship and the confucius scholarship at the same time? 

andd.. i already have hsk5, i know that confucius scholarship wants hsk5 result(minimum 210) mine is 237. so i am planning to take the hsk6. do you guys think that it will be advantage to have hsk6 or they might eliminate me cause they only want the hsk5? because my hsk5 result is not so high so i am afraid it is not enough to get the scholarship.

and hsk exam will be hold on 24th March but confucius scholarship will start on 1st day of march until June. i guess hsk results will be announced in a month, so do you guys think that it will be too late? or am i too anxious... haha

waiting you guys to answer my questions.

thank you very much!

with love! 



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I applied for both in 2012 - and glad that I did, as my Confucius Institute scholarship was cancelled by the preferred university (Nankai...) at the very last minute.

Don't worry about HSK6, they do not rank the applicants based on their HSK points. If you hit the 210 points threshold, you're fine. 

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Ah thank you very much for replying me! 

then what do you think about timing? do you think that last days of april will be too late for apply? cause deadline is at July. as one of my friends told me that the more early you apply the more chance you have to get the scholarship. is this true?

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It might be true - I applied in mid-April for the CIS, and was rejected at Nankai based on not having enough scholarship spots. My classmates who applied for less popular/well-known universities got the scholarship without any problem.

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I know someone who got the CSC scholarship to study at Nankai. She previously had a Chinese teacher from that university and department. Although this was her third choice because she wanted to live in a different city, she got the scholarship and Nankai. She also used a letter of recommendation from that teacher, so we assume this was the reason why she got that.


Maybe this can help you. 


Partner universities might help with the CIS, it might improve your chances to get a specific university. 

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ah i see! but i think i  have no chance to wait until late April, cause i dont have hskk中级,so i will have an hskk exam this month and have to wait it's results until late april. 

I hope it will not be too late for them. But i heard that some people applied on May and already had the scholarship. Maybe for them results are much more important. And university that i want to apply is that i studied as a exchange student before(Xiamen University). So i hope they will welcome me more! :)

thank you guys for your big help!

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