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Wippen (inactive)

Hot on social media 2017: 战狼2 Here text by literary critic

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Wippen (inactive)

I was recently on a Chinese course in Xiamen and as part of my lessons picked hot topics on social media with my teacher.


The film Wolf Warrior 2  战狼2 was definitely a much discussed topic on all media outlets in 2017 and has in fact already become an important part of Chinese culture. Wolf Warrior 2 was not only the most successful film of 2017 but was also the highest-grossing Chinese film ever released (source wiki).


The film was probably highly successful in part because of its portrayal of the importance of China's role in the world, embodied through the hero and also through other characters. These reflect current Chinese society including 富二代 and there is also a self sacrificing doctor whose actions are both patriotic and altruistic. The text we studied Is an analysis made by famous literary critic 张颐武. I am grateful to have been introduced to this talented writer (more about him here) who has  also won several critic awards. The full text here is, as expected, well written. It is suitable for upper intermediate level.

反响 reaction of a large group like society as opposed to 反应
想象空间room for imagination
喜闻乐见 well received
如醉如痴 captivating
情节 plot
喻示 manifest 
人道援助 humanitarian aid
拼到一块 piece together  (?)
投射 to project   
毁于一旦 wiped out /annihilated 
慨叹 lament/bemoan

一视同仁 treat everyone equally

掠夺 plunder (used in context invade and plunder)

The film was also discussed in a recent  锵锵三人行 programme.

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