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Confucius Institute Scholarship 2018


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Hey! So I'm applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship for one year of Chinese language study. I'm reading what documents I need and one of them is 'Recommended letter of recommendation from the head of the agency'. What does this mean? Does it mean a reference, and if so, I was going to ask my Chinese teacher from the Confucius institute at my university. Or does it have to be the 'head' of the Confucius Institute? 


For the one year Chinese language study do I need one or two references letters? Would it look better if I had two? (I have two different Chinese teachers)


Does it need a stamp from the Confucius Institute or just a signature from my teacher? How many words?


Thanks in advance, your help is appreciated :)


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I was also worried about this as I have never met the head of my Confucius Institute.


While it does say it is a necessity on the CIS website, the instructions for my Confucius institute (Manchester, UK) say differently, so I am not going to worry about it and just ask my teacher. It also says on my Confucius Institute website that the personal statement does not have to be written in Chinese, whereas I think on the CIS website it asks for it in Chinese?  




I would recommend you check with your local CI to ask what they require? Good luck with the rest of your application, which universities are you hoping to apply to?

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Thanks so much for that. Yeah I don't really know the head of my institute very well either. This whole thing is all very confusing :L Oh they said at your Confucius institute that you can use your teacher for the reference?


It's a relief to hear you only need a screenshot of the HSK results, I was worried I couldn't send my application until I receive the results in the post from China.


I initially wanted to apply for Harbin but I started to get 'cold feet' because of the freezing weather conditions. Now I'm actually stressed because I don't know where to choose.

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I don't really know lol, but im guessing in the screenshot i attached that academic adviser means my CI teacher? Who else would know anything about my Chinese ability or hours studied!


Yeah i was thinking of Harbin, or somewhere northern in general but settled on Sichuan foreign studies university (in Chongqing) 1st and Xiamen university 2nd. Not exactly the best places for standard mandarin I guess, but I reckon any big city will be alright and at least they are both hot haha

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@jackbilton I don't think those requirements are correct to be honest. I mean, you don't need to be a CI classroom student to apply for the scholarship and no official requirement say anything about any academic advisor letter. Unless they just mean the recommendation from the CI, which is compulsory. 

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