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Screenshot of HSK results, is it okay?


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Hi everyone! If you can answer ANY one of these questions I would be happy :)


1. I'm I'm applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship, and I haven't received my score report from China yet. Does anyone know if you can send a screenshot of your results? It takes weeks to get results from China and I don't want to delay my application.


2. I'm only applying for the one year Mandarin study. I have a bachelor degree in an unrelated field, does anyone know if I have to get the certificate of this degree 'notarized' by a solicitor? (or would this only by likely for a masters degree student, for example). Also, Is it okay if my graduation certificates are in English?  Or must they be translated?


3. Do I have to give fill in my work experience in the 'work experience' section of the form if its not related to Chinese or Chinese language teaching?


4. Also I'm not sure if I should tick this or not: 'Can you accept the institutions suggested by the Confucius Institute Headquarters.' What does this mean exactly? Do you think if I don't tick it that I won't be offered anything if my top two universities reject me?



Thank you for reading!!

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Hello Shazmataz,


1. No, screenshots are unfortunately not OK, only the scanned version of the paper results can be accepted. Stupid rule but you have to live with it.


2. If your graduation certificates are in English, that's fine, you don't need to translate it to Chinese. I don't know whether they became more rigorous over the years, but when I applied, the scanned copy of the degree was OK. Just in case, I let my uni stamp it with a seal, but didn't pay for an official notary, as it costs over 100 EUR here in my country, and I don't think it's much cheaper elsewhere.


3. It would never hurt to add work experience, if you have something under your belt... After this many years, it's still sort of a mystery how the scholarship winners are selected, so add anything you think would help in a professional environment.


4. Depends on what universities you would like to apply to. If the unis are super popular (basically C9 universities), then it's better to tick it, as you may get offered with other options if your two selected universities can't accept you due to limited number of scholarship spots.

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