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AIDI International School, Beijing


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Can anyone give information on AIDI International School in Beijing please? Work environment, housing etc. Any horror stories or bad experiences and so on. There is not that much online, but it does seem to be a very good school based on what I have seen so far. Would just like some first hand knowledge about the school. 





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I don’t have first, second or third hand experience. I can just tell you it’s not a top school in Beijing despite what they themselves say and a few websites might say (like BeijingKids). I’m basing this on the fact that no one I know on the Intl school circuit has ever heard of them. Not a great sample but better than nothing! I asked about 5 people, all Intl school teachers (I am also). 


Might be a pretty nice work work environment though so don’t let me put you off.  


Ask about the student demographics. If it’s 90%+ Chinese then it’s essentially just foreign teachers teaching rich Chinese kids. Nothing bad about that in itself but a lot of teachers don’t realise when they come to some “international” schools here that almost all the kids are Chinese. If you’re in elementary especially, you have a if language barrier. You can an assistant but it means you can’t teach the way you would back home necessarily. The best schools are where you’ll find large non-Chinese student bodies and where they limit the number of Chinese students. 


Good luck! 

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