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visaforchina.org PDF application form bug


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I've just been through my first Visa application on visaforchina.org and there was an issue with the PDF application form, so here's how I fixed it.


I gather this might be quite new, but you now have the option of filling in all your details online, and then when you're done the website creates a PDF version of the application form for you to download, print and sign.

The form I downloaded had some weird error in the PDF which caused page 4 to create an error on our (fairly high-end) printer at work, every time I tried to print it. It even crashed the printer one time.

In the end, one way I could get it to print was by loading up the PDF in Preview (on a Mac — other software should also work) and exporting page 4 as a PNG at 300 dpi, which I then printed separately. 

I've not come across this issue before (at least not since we all stopped using PostScript and started with PDF), but maybe this will help someone out there who's panicking...?


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Wow that was super-smooth.  For the application I was in and out of the VisaForChina place (Singapore) literally within 5 minutes.  They gave me a slip telling me to come back in 4 days to pay and collect my passport.

Collection was seamless. Waited about 15 mins for my turn, paid the cash and got my passport back.  


Slightly disappointed at the appearance of the visa though... very vanilla.  The ones I got for Laos and Cambodia recently at least had holograms and twiddly bits 😉


中国 here I come, at last.



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