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Some updates to Work Permit requirements

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Hi all, 


i am in process of renewing my work permit and it seems there has been 3 new items of interest that might be of use to people in the same situation


Disclaimer: The people that deal with my work permit are part of a 100% government body so i take it on faith that what they are telling me is correct.  This information told to me in a meeting and I am just regurgitating it here so best do your own research and don't take what I say as gospel! 


1. from this year, companies are required to now hold your PRC Foreigner's Work Permit (Blue) Card, you cannot hold it yourself, but I suggest you at least get a copy of it and a photo.

2. The process must be submitted (or completed? - unsure) at least 30 days before your existing Workers permit ends. If it's less than 30 days the application system will lock the employer out and they must restart the entire process again as if you are a new worker. So start early (at the very least 2-3 months) to allow for the almost expected hiccups along the way. You should also start the visa extension process at the same time if necessary 

3. you need BOTH work permit and Work Visa. A lapse in either one will result in a large fine and a pile of trouble. Work permit is of length X years does not mean you automatically get a Work Visa of length X years.  I just received my new 2 year Work permit (well so i am told :) ) but the Work Visa hasn't yet come back. Its supposed to take 3 days but been more than a week now

4. The system has tighten up again this year and there are a lot more spot checks going around and penalties have increased substantially. Companies who in the past turned a blind eye to official regs are no longer willing to take workers unless they are 100% legit


i am category A so should be the easiest process for renewal but it is still taking 6 weeks, but many months for the company etc


To reiterate: best check with your company just in case they are not aware of new rules

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