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Getting to Know Some Poems and Their Related History

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Poem with own experience from site tour.


Chinese poem illustration: 鹿柴  The Deer Fence  by Wang Wei:  https://youtu.be/9ZFV02thkIs


One of the 20 poems on an extremely famous  painting(辋川图), the first kind artwork in Chinese history :  fusion of poetry and painting. It laid the foundation of Scholar Painting(文人画) which featured with scholar life in mountains and rivers, as well as poems on painting.


This long painting on a temple wall  depicted 20 view spots within Wang valley(辋川),  with 40 poems written by Wang Wei and his good friend Pei Di(裴迪), which is one poem for one view point per person. The collection of these 40 poems was named as  Wangchuan Ji(辋川集). It could be the most translated  Chinese classic poetry in foreign languages(See Wangchuan Ji in wikipedia).


This short ,simple and very subtle poem was interpreted in many ways through the history, yet  when I stepped on the ground of WangChuan, or Wang valley, looking up  to the  giant ginkgo tree  planted by Wang Wei, it seems to me the poem is crystal clear,  simple, peaceful and eternal.





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