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Hello all,


I would like to apply for a one semester program with CI for the Spring of 2019. I was unsure if the application deadline was separate from the year long scholarship. Is it too late for that semester? I began an application last week, but I'm stumped with testing (see below).


I'd like to do the program after my undergrad degree (finish in Dec.) and before graduate school in the Fall of 2019. I have passed HSK 5 but haven't taken HSKK. I'm pretty sure I can pass the advanced level of speaking with no issue, but I'd like to know if it's absolutely required. I wouldn't be able to take the test until September.


In 2016, I received a government provincial scholarship in Shandong, and I wanted to know if this could affect my eligibility. Since I've studied in China 3 semesters already, I'm mostly interested in institutes outside of China  (such as Japan or Russia). If anyone has experience with applying to programs like those, I would love to have a description of the process. 


Please help me figure out if a semester scholarship is possible and how I can best secure my chances for the Spring. 


Thank you.  

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While their are Confucius Institutes (CI) around the world, these organisations do not host scholarships themselves they act as recommending institutions for the scholarship, the scholarship programs are hosted by universities in China. The list of the universities and the application procedure is listed on http://cis.chinese.cn

It is the same application procedure as the 1 year scholarship but the requirements are different and it stipulates you should not have held an X1 or X2 visa before, which you are likely to have held from previous study in China, so you are not likely to be eligible for this scholarship.


However the deadlines are listed as (and can fill up earlier):



a) April 20th (for those commencing in July)

b) June 20th (for those commencing in September)

c) September 20th (for those commencing in December)

d) December 20th (for those commencing in March 2019)



If you are looking to study Chinese outside of China in Japan or Russia its likely the CI organisations may only have part time programs, some have offered waiver of tuition but this is based on the individual CI. You would have to search around. So you might want to find a private language school.


I saw that South Korea has scholarships for foreigners before, if you can find a course relevant to you, but as you already have a grad school planned it might not be suitable: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/allnew_invite.do


You could still be eligible for postgraduate scholarship in China, but these courses are 2 years long mostly, unless you find one with a preparatory mandarin period and obtain a local scholarship for that.


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