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Translation For Antique Art?

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Hello.  I was hoping that someone may possibly be able to either translate or maybe able to provide some information about this artwork.  I have not had any luck with tracking down the origin and/or age.  Thank you in advance.  





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Appears to be quite a famous piece. Google 雨後空林圖 or A Secluded Forest after Rain.


According to the National Palace Museum's web page:

Ni Tsan, a native of Kiangsu province, was a solitary and lofty figure by nature. He also was said to have been a fanatic about cleanliness. After the age of 39, he left home and led the life of a drifter. In painting, he did not often use colors, giving his works a sense of pure and elegant harmony. This landscape painting is the only work by Ni Tsan in the Museum collection done in light colors. Compared to the empty compositions often seen in his other paintings, this one is much more complex with many forms. Along with Ni Tsan's own inscription in the upper right corner and those of others, almost the entire surface of this work is filled, making it an exceptional example of his painting. This work was done in 1368.

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Well thank you.  That actually helps quite a bit to begin my research.  I can only now hope that I may have been lucky enough to acquire an original work by Ni Zan.  However, being from the 14th century, I am sure it is not likely.  Thank you again. 

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