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Are there any cat sitters in Guiyang?

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Who can babysit a kitten for 2 months while I'm in America? He has an infection so, coming with me might not be a good idea...

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I will be out of China from July 2nd to August 20-something. The kitten needs his medicine 3 times a day.

I live in Guiyang.


Please help.

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If you get desperate there's short-term paid cattery type care services in Guiyang (apparently, just did a web search): http://guiyang.baixing.com/chongwupeizhong/m33653/#fromac Maybe get a student to call up a few of the ones listed there if needs be? Quick scan suggested CNY25-40 a day but that might have been dogs not cats.

ETA Though thinking about it, they might not be keen if he's sick.

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