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Multiple entry X1/X2 student visa


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Hi all,


I am planning on going to Tsinghua for the Chinese Language Program for the upcoming fall semester (September 2018 - January 2019).


I have become aware that there are two types of student visas:


  • X1 visa, for those intending to study over 180 days
  • X2 visa, for those intending to study less than 180 days


Given my upcoming enrolment for the fall semester, it is my understanding that I will only be entitled to the X2 visa. I am reading online that this visa however, for the most part, is single entry. This is not ideal, given that I would like to travel abroad (to Korea, Japan) during the fall semester. In addition, I am planning on continuing at Tsinghua through the spring semester, and extending/renewing my visa would be a pain.


I see the following two options, but I don't know whether they are viable:


  1. Ask Tsinghua if I can pay for the two full semesters, and get the duration from September 2018 - June 2019 in order to get the X1 visa and then the multiple entry residence permit.
  2. Apply for X2 visa and hope they give me multiple entry (though it seems this never happens). Would I be able to apply for a residence permit with a X2 visa ?


Does anyone have any experience with this ? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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have a similar question. I will be going to Fudan this summer for a one month program. After which in the fall semester I wll be going for two years masters but different uni. so in this case, first Ihave to get a 2 visa and then I will be returning to home country and going again to China on X1 visa. Can they convert X1 to X2 visa from China itself? Any help would be much appreciated. What can be done in such a case?

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@benbankIf you're planning to do 2 semesters anyway, then why not go for an X1 to start with? 


Presumably you can get admission to the 2nd semester course and Tsinghua will issue the paperwork/offer letter/JW-whatever-it-is necessary to get the X1?



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@mungoukThank you for the response. I think the online application system only allowed me to apply for the fall semester.


I will email them tomorrow to see whether I can apply for both fall and spring semesters, in order to get the X1.

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On 6/17/2018 at 12:16 AM, Sa R said:

Can they convert X1 to X2 visa from China itself?


It sounds like you're asking about the opposite: converting (or extending) an X2 visa into an X1.


Answers here suggest that it may be possible, but it will be at the discretion of the local PSB.


Did you speak to the international office at the school where you're doing your masters to see what they say?


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Yes sorry i made a mistake. Ispoke to the Visa centre theysaid have tore apply for X1 visa as per the guidelines that the unversity sends the form. So totally new and the X2visa will be single entry. so when i return back it will anyways be over. 



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