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Listening: Mandarin Corner with Eileen

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@Flickserve I don't know. It's hard for a northerner to tell. But she does seem to speak Cantonese: https://youtu.be/BieUQR4skTk?t=902

Also the confusion between sh/s/x, the r -> y change (e.g. 如果), and the use of additional modal particles/語氣助詞 are consistent with Cantonese style Mandarin.

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Thank you. If she is Cantonese, I suspect she is an unrefined speaker of Cantonese…… "beat your lung"

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Looks like Eileen's Mandarin Corner has a lot of new material. So much that deserves reviving this thread to inform people who may not know of this very good resource. The accent isn't standard (though it is clear), some of the audio is TTS generated, but the content is still very useful, varied and really quite unique. Well done Eileen and Mandarin Corner team!


Registration and access to much of the material is free, but a ridiculously small donation gives access to a lot more for life (Paypal accepted)


Note: there's a shorter, earlier 2nd thread on Mandarin Corner here, in the Resources for Studying Chinese subforum.


Navigation is rather chaotic, there is a Home Page somewhere but I couldn't find it, the link I posted above seems to give a slightly more structured view of the full content. The site was initially (still is) a You Tube channel, but it has extended into WeChat and YouKu, the scan links are here:



Besides the videos, I like the flashcards by topic:



and the HSK sentences flashcards would be very useful for people preparing for the exams.



Edited to add this page which is easily missed if one is looking for videos: Survival Chinese. It has some fantastic compilations of sentences that I haven't seen compiled anywhere else, including:

50 responses to help you sound authentic or  42 essential sentence patterns





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