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How to real-name register when abroad?

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I feel like I should have figured this out long ago, but I haven't.


I want to join a particular Wechat group, but to join I have to 实名认证 through a Chinese bank account and/or a Chinese phone number, and I don't know how to resolve this.


I have been using Wechat since 2011 or so. The number I used when I first downloaded it is no longer mine (interestingly, it is probably still in use, by someone working for the organisation I used to work for). The number was never registered to my name (to my knowledge). I never have had to real-name register my Wechat before. I now don't have a Chinese phone number, only a Dutch one.


I have a Chinese bank account, I still have the bank card and I know which office I opened the account at. That office still exists. There is even a little money in that bank account. But I forgot the PIN and I don't know which phone number that bank has of me (not my current Dutch number, in any case). I still have the passport I used to open the account and the passport I got afterwards and that I then registered to the account. Both passports are no longer valid, but I have them (with holes punched into them that show they are invalid). I tried using my Dutch bank account number, but that doesn't work at all.

Does anyone know whether this can be resolved? If so, from what end should I start?


A nice Chinese person who invited me to join said group looked up the phone numbers of the bank for me. He said I could use his phone number if I wanted, he could then send the code I needed on to me. Although I'm pretty sure it's all legitimate (the Wechat group certainly is and I think the guy is too), this does not seem the best idea. Also I doubt the bank is the right starting point in handling this. I have another friend in China whom I do know personally and trust, I could ask her for help as well if whatever I need to do is not too much work.


Any insights are much appreciated!

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Nobody knows a solution? Hm... So, do people here just not real-name register and don't miss it, or do you real-name register while in China, or something else?

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