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Mistyped Occupation in JW201 form


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I just received my JW201 form from an university in China. I got a full scholarship from CSC. But in the JW201 form, my occupation was mis-written as 'Worker' while I am not a worker anymore recently. Other than that, everything is okay and just as same as my passport and personal identity. Will it cause problem? Or can I just tell the officer of the Chinese Visa centre in my office? Please give me your suggestion. Thanks.

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I know nothing about visas or JW201 forms. It seems to me that it is not mistyped or mis-written it is just wrong and as such probably needs to be corrected.

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Yes because my occupation has changed at this moment. When I applied, it was my occupation. But on the VISA application form I make my recent occupation as unemployed. Do you think it's okay? As there's no time for my university to change the form again. There was also someone whose status written as married in his form, but he's single. I hope it won't be a problem. 

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If your occupation isn't specified in your passport then will anyone care? 

Since you're all about to become students, I would think your occupations are now irrelevant.  (Disclaimer: I have no experience of JW201/202.)

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This might be one of the few times when a discrepancy between a JW201/JW202 and visa application isn't a deal breaker as it is not a personally identifiable and unique piece of information (name, birth date, passport number etc), and it is one where such a transition is normal given the circumstances.


It might also be a time where being technically accurate and providing the best or most relevant answer are two different things.  You are an employee now, for example, but won't be when you quit your job to depart for studies in China.  If you quit a week or two ago, I would just tick the employee box and have the two forms match; but if you quit, say, 6+ months ago, "unemployed" (current) or "student" (to be shortly) might be better.


The best option is probably to contact the visa office to ask, in advance; or, if that's not possible, simply fill out 2-3 visa application forms, each ticking a different box for this section and, after explaining the situation to the visa officer, ask them which they prefer.

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It won't cause any problem. I went to consulate of China this morning and handed in my visa application form and documents. I also had different occupation on my visa application form and JW201. The officer didn't say anything about it.

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